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Fire damages in the United States amount to huge loss of lives and property every year.

Fires generally take us with surprise leaving us with no time to react, and the best we can do is to dial 911 and wait an agonizingly long time for the fire department to arrive.

Keeping this chaotic situation in mind, we at Auto Fire Guard developed an innovative product, an automatic self-activating fire extinguisher system that literally anyone can use with ease and enhanced safety.

It's a super-efficient system to put off fire within a matter of seconds.

Yes, we are glad to present the " AFG - Fireball " which will be a game-changer for every segment replacing a traditional fire extinguisher system.

  • Innovative design using latest technology employing ABC Dry Chemical Powder ideal for wood, electric and flammable liquid fires.
  • Super efficient, a self-activating automatic system that spreads flame-retardant substance across 900 cubic feet of space to put off fire within 3-6 seconds.
  • Made from environmental-friendly substances which are kids and pets safe providing you safety with peace of mind.
  • Simple to use, just roll out or throw in fire against the complicated procedure for a conventional fire extinguisher to pull pins, press handles, point nozzles.
  • Perfect for use in residential and commercial applications like home, office, boat, RV, automobiles, etc.
  • Maintenance-free has 15 years of effectivity with 5 years warranty.
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